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How to install Garage Guardian U Bottom Seals and XL Seals

How to install Garage Guardian U Bottom Seals and XL Seals

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How to Install Boer Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal and XL Seal

The Boer Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal is a simple and easy Weather Seal Solution for your Garage Door. Extend the life of your garage door and protect the contents of your garage with a brand new weather seal. Even if you are upgrading from existing weather strip or installing a new weather strip give your garage the ultimate weather sealing upgrade today!

 What is a garage bottom seal?

The Garage Door Land Garage Bottom Seal is an important component that helps to keep your garage and the items stored inside it safe and secure. Designed to protect against wind, rain, snow, and other elements, this bottom seal is an essential addition to any garage door system.

The Garage Door Land Garage Bottom Seal is made from a durable and flexible material that is designed to last for many years, even with regular use. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your garage is protected from the elements. The seal also helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your garage, reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your garage and helping to lower your energy bills.

One of the key benefits of this bottom seal is its ease of installation. The seal simply needs to be attached to the bottom of your garage door, making it a fast and hassle-free process. The seal is available in a range of sizes to suit different garage door widths, so you can find the perfect fit for your door.

In addition to offering protection and improving energy efficiency, the Garage Door Land Garage Bottom Seal also enhances the overall look of your garage. The seal is available in a range of colors, so you can choose one that matches your garage door or aesthetic.

Another important factor to consider is the durability of the seal. The Garage Door Land Garage Bottom Seal is designed to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of regular use, so you can be sure that it will last for many years. The seal is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a low-maintenance solution for your garage.

In conclusion, the Garage Door Land Garage Bottom Seal is an essential component for any garage door. With its ease of installation, superior protection, energy-efficient design, and durability, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance the security and efficiency of their garage.

How to Install

1. Remove Old Weather Stripping

Raise the garage door to a height comfortable to you and remove the old weather stripping from your garage's aluminum track using pliers or other aids. Once you remove the old seal, dispose of it in accordance to your local waste management laws.

2. Clean Aluminum Track

With a stiff brush or shop rag, clear any debris and dirt from your old track. It is recommended to use mild detergent to clear any stubborn grease. A cleaner track makes installation  of the Garage U Bottom Seal easier. This is also the perfect time to check the bottom of your garage door for any damages and inspect the track for any warping. It may be time to replace the tracks if that is the case. If you need a replacement track feel free to contact our Customer support!

3. Install Weather Stripping

Starting from one end of the garage door track, slide the Boer Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal through the track. Use soapy water or another kind of lubricant to help the weather strip slide along your garage door track. It is recommended to have two people to help, one to feed the weather stripping and one to pull it along the tracks. Once the Boer Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal  is pulled through the track trim off any excess pieces and dispose of them.


 Installation instructions for Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal XL and regular.


Still need a little help?

Feel free to contact us below if you are still having issues with our Garage Guardian U Bottom Seal. Our professional Customer Service Team will point you to the right direction! Don't forget to follow our Facebook for the latest news and Exclusive Deals!

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    Hello. I just purchased some L shaped aluminum retainer for my father inlaws garage. I was wondering if the top of the “L” is on the exterior or interior of the door. Thanks

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