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The Eco-Friendly Garage: How Windows and Seals Contribute to Sustainability

The Eco-Friendly Garage: How Windows and Seals Contribute to Sustainability


The Eco-Friendly Garage: How Windows and Seals Contribute to Saving Money

Let's chat about how we can make our garages kinder to our planet (and our wallets). You might think, "It's just a garage! How much difference can it make?" Well, it turns out, a lot. Garages are not just for parking cars or dumping stuff we don't know what to do with. They can play a big part in how much energy our homes eat up. If you're wondering how to turn your garage into a more eco friendly space, keep reading. We're going to dig into how something as simple as windows and seals, that can make a big change.

Why Bother with Eco-Friendly Stuff?

First off, why should we even bother? Here's the thing - our world is getting pretty tired, and energy prices are going through the roof. We use up a ton of energy, and it's not great for the air we breathe and the water we drink. Making our garages eco-friendly is one way to help. Plus, it can save you some cash on energy bills, and it can make the garage easier to live in unlocked some more potential real estate. Win-win-win, right?

Windows: Letting Light In and Keeping Heat Out

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Okay, windows. They're not just for looking through. They can do a lot for your garage's vibe and how much energy it uses.

  • Natural Light: The more sunshine you let in, the less you'll need to flip on the lights. And who doesn't love a sunny room? Windows would be a perfect addition to transform your garage from a dark hole to store your car and junk to a useable space. You might even get to work on that project car you've been eyeballing. With natural light you can find that dreaded 10mm easily as it glints in the sunlight.
  • Heat Control: Good windows keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means your heater or AC won't have to work so hard. On breezier spring days you can have a window that opens letting out all the stale air and trapped moisture in your garage without having to raise the door. 
  • Double-Pane Glass: These guys have two pieces of glass with air or gas in the middle. They're champs at insulation, which is just a fancy way of saying they keep your garage's temp steady. The extra pane of glass also lets you dampen noise. Have a quiet space while the neighbor's kids are out playing. Or, in reverse practice your dreams as a drummer without waking up your neighbors.

But remember, not all windows are created equal. Cheaper glass and construct would end up trapping moisture between the spacer bar, or inferior frames would end up warping or cracking under extreme temperatures. It is always wise to do your research and find the ones that is made with high quality materials.

Seals: The Unsung Heroes of Eco-Friendliness

Now, let's talk seals. No, not the cute sea animals. We're talking about those little lines that close the gaps around your garage door and windows. Here's why they're important:

  • Cracks and Gaps: Small spaces can let out warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. That's like throwing money and energy right out the window.
  • Weather Stripping: This stuff sticks to the edges of your windows and doors. It's like a comfy blanket that blocks drafts.
  • Door Bottoms: The bottom of your garage door can let in a lot of unwanted air. A good seal there is like a door guard, keeping bad weather out and comfy temps in.

Checking and replacing these seals isn't a huge job, but it's a big deal for your garage's eco-friendliness. And hey, it can be a fun Saturday project.

How to Choose the Right Stuff

Choosing the right windows and seals can feel like a quiz you didn't study for. But don't sweat it. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Look for Labels: Words like ENERGY STAR on windows and doors mean they're good at saving energy.
  • Get the Right Fit: Make sure your seals fit snug. If they don't, they can't do their job right.
  • Think Long-Term: Better stuff might cost more now, but it saves you money and hassle later.

It's not just about having windows but having windows that are perfect for you!

Installing Windows and Seals: A Quick Guide

Putting in new windows and seals can seem like an intimidating task but it can be done easily within an afternoon.

  • Windows: With windows always remember to measure twice and cut once, the manufacturer would include the appropriate measurements for your windows. So use some painters tape to mark off the area you would need to cut before putting in the cut. Also don't forget to bring a friend to hold up the window while you screw in the back frame. Last thing you want is a wrong sized cut or a window falling out of the garage door. You can always use a guide if you are ever confused!
  • Seals: These are an easier installation process. Depending on which type of seal, Bottom or top / side Seal. The installation may vary. For bottom seals make sure you have a compatible retainer for you to slide your seal across. For top and side seals its as simple as butting the seals together and screwing them to the sidings of the garage door.

If you're not sure about doing it yourself, it's always a good idea to ask for help. Sometimes it's better to have someone a fresh set of eyes on the situation.

Every Bit Helps

It's easy to think that these little changes won't matter. But saving 10% here 5% there and another 20% elsewhere can really help with your energy savings and adds up quickly. Having eco-friendly windows and new seals in your garage is a step towards an eco friendly home and a smaller electric bill.

So there you have it. Making your garage more energy efficient isn't rocket science. It's about letting the light in, keeping the weather out, and thinking about the small stuff. Go ahead, take a look at your garage and see what you can do, there are always more things to do to save energy.

Don't forget not only will you save energy, you are converting a boring space into something that you can show off!

Thanks for sticking around. Here's to making better choices for your garages, and  your wallet, It's not always fun or exciting, but it sure is important.

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