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Getting Cozy for Fall: Simple Steps to Weather Seal Your Windows!

Getting Cozy for Fall: Simple Steps to Weather Seal Your Windows!


As autumn approaches, the gentle chill in the air serves as a reminder of the colder days ahead. Ensuring your home remains warm and energy-efficient during these months is crucial. Weather sealing your windows can play a significant role in this preparation.

Not only does this process keep the cold drafts out, but it also ensures you're not spending extra on heating costs. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to ensure your windows are well-sealed and your home stays comfortably warm. Let's dive in and prepare for the season ahead.

Clean the Window and Moving Parts

person cleaning window

The first and easiest thing to do is to clean and inspect your window after the summer season. Open up your windows and remove the bugs screens, give everything a good wash with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. While you clean you get a chance to inspect the window and the glass for an breaks or holes. The cleaning also helps prevent any build up along the tracks and cranks that would solidify over the winter months. Take the opportunity to add lubricant to the moving parts as well making it easier to open when spring comes along!

Add a Weather Seal

Man cleaning window

After cleaning off all the grime and oil off the window and sidings, now it is the perfect time to add a weather seal to the window. These can be purchased online or through your local home hardware store, and come in many varieties.

  • V- Seals: These are V shaped seals that go on the edge of your windows to prevent any leakage of outside air into your home. There are nail on varieties but many come with a self adhesive.
  • Foam Tape: These are usually sold in rolls with an adhesive backing. A cheap and effective way of preventing air leakage by adding it to the inside of your windows.

Using Caulk to Seal the Window

Person Placing caulk on the window

For extra efficiency, use silicone tubular or vinyl caulking to seal an holes between the window case and the interior wall. Over time these points of contacts will break down or chip away allowing air and insects to enter your home. While you clean you can keep an eye out for these holes and seal them with some caulk. You can go 1 step more by removing the old cracked caulking and replacing it with fresh new ones.

As the leaves tumble and temperatures drop, a cozy home becomes our sanctuary. With these straightforward steps, you can ensure that your windows are primed for the autumn chill, keeping your living spaces warm and your energy bills in check. So, as you sip your hot cocoa or wrap yourself in a blanket, you'll have the peace of mind knowing your home is winter-ready. Cheers to a warm, energy-efficient autumn!

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