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What to Do If Your Garage Door Isn't Opening


Troubleshooting Your Garage Door: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever been stuck with a garage door that just refuses to open? It’s a problem many of us face, and it can really throw a wrench in your day, not to mention the safety concerns it brings. But fear not, most garage door issues are quite common and can be fixed with a little effort. In this guide, we’ll walk through some typical reasons your garage door might be acting up and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Power Outage or Disconnected Power Source

Liftmaster Garage Door opener being installed

One morning, I found myself puzzling over a non-responsive garage door, only to realize the opener wasn't plugged in after I accidentally unplugged it while doing some paint work. Sometimes, it’s as straightforward as that – a power issue. It could be due to the garage door opener being unplugged, a power cut in your area, or a tripped circuit breaker. On that note always have an emergency release, so you can manually release your garage door even when you are in a middle of a blackout.

  • How to fix: Ensure the opener is plugged in. If there’s a power cut, you’ll need to wait it out, and if a breaker has tripped, flip it back on.

2. Dead Remote Batteries

Dead batteries in the remote and keypads are a common culprit, especially during the winter months. Batteries tend to drain very quickly once the temperature falls below freezing, so always keep a few sets at home. A friend once shared how they had almost called a repair service before realizing the remote batteries were to blame.

  • How to fix: Replace the remote’s batteries. If the problem persists, it might be time to seek professional help.

3. Misaligned Photo Eye Sensors

Those photo eye sensors can be pretty sensitive. If they're out of alignment, the garage door won't operate correctly. They can accidentally be bumped when you do some cleaning or moving things in and out of the garage. Sometimes spiders like to make their webs on the sensor itself obscuring it from each other.

  • How to fix: Check the sensors, make sure they are aligned and clear of debris. Newer sensors have a laser guide, or an indicator to let you know the sensors are aligned properly.

4. Broken Springs or Cables

Person Fixing Garage Door Springs

If the springs or cables are damaged, your garage door won’t open. This is one of the more dangerous mishaps that can happen to a garage door, but it does happen. A tell tale sign of broken springs or cables is one side of the garage door will lift and not the other. Under no circumstance should you crawl under a garage door with broken components as these doors are can weigh hundreds of pounds. We highly recommend to seek a professionally to help repair the springs and cables. Without proper training or tools the springs can lead to life altering injuries.

  • How to fix: Get in touch with a professional garage door technician for repair or replacement.

5. Obstructed Tracks

Obstructions in the tracks can prevent the door from moving. It can be fairly common especially if you use your garage as a workshop. It only takes a little bit of debris to block the rollers from effectively moving your garage to the open or closed position.

  • How to fix: Inspect and clear the tracks. Ensure they’re properly aligned for smooth operation.

6. Worn Gears

Over time, the gears in your opener can wear down. This issue might not be as obvious as some others, but if your door is struggling to open, worn gears could be the cause.

  • How to fix: Worn gears typically require replacement, which should be done by a skilled technician.

While some garage door troubles can be easily fixed – like changing remote batteries or adjusting sensors – others are more complex. Regular maintenance and timely professional assistance can prevent many of these issues. A functioning garage door is essential for your convenience and home security.

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