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Why You Should Inspect Your Garage Door's Side and Top Seal


Why You Should Inspect Your Garage Door's Side and Top Seal

There are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to your garage door. It’s one of the biggest entry points into your home, and as such, it needs to be protected. There are a variety of threats that could pose a danger if you don’t take the time to ensure that your garage is secure. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the dangers posed by an unsecured garage door, as well as provide three reasons why you should always seal your garage door. This post will also offer some tips on how to secure all entrances into your garage.

Why is it Important to Seal Your Garage Door?

If you’re not careful, your garage door could act as an invitation for unwanted critters. Leaving your garage door unsealed can leave your home vulnerable to a variety of dangers. The primary threat posed by an unsecured garage door is the risk of water entering the garage. Imagine a particularly stormy day with gale-force winds. This kind of weather will push water up against the garage. If the garage is unsealed, water may be forced through the gaps of the garage door and foundations of the garage. Because most garage doors are made with modern materials we often neglect to check the state of the top and side seals. When water enters your garage it can create a damp environment that will allow mold to grow or or heat to escape.

Dangers of an Unsealed Garage Door

There are a variety of dangers posed by an unsealed garage door, but they most commonly involve water, ice and pests. Here are a few examples. Water damage - It’s no secret that a car is the product most likely to be stolen in the United States. It’s also no secret that criminals often use garages as a place to store and sell stolen goods, making your garage an easy target. Vandalism - If someone breaks into your garage, they might decide to vandalize your garage as well. Scared to steal from your home for fear of being caught, many thieves decide instead to destroy your property to get what they want. Safety - Aside from the fact that you’re inviting criminals into your home, an unsecured garage door can also pose a significant safety risk.

Reasons to Always Inspect Your Side Seal

There are a few areas of your garage door that you need to inspect regularly. Side Seal Inspection - The side seal is the area of your garage door that runs along the sides of your garage This is the part of the garage door that is most likely to come into contact with water, dirt, leaves, etc. If your side seal is damaged, you’re at a much greater risk of having pests and vermin enter through your garage door. You’re also at a greater risk of water and other debris flooding into your garage. Fortunately, side seal damage is easy to spot. If you notice that your garage door is sagging or if you can pull the seal away from the garage door, it’s time to call a garage door repair professional.

Top Seal Inspection

As with the side seal, the top seal of your garage door is most likely to come in contact with the garage door itself. If your garage door is sagging or if you notice a gap between your garage door and the seal, you should consider changing the seal. The gaps though not prone to water and debris like the side seal but it will allow unwanted wind to enter your home. Increasing your heating bill.


The garage door is a key entry point into your home. It’s important to keep it secure and sealed so that pests and unwanted elements can’t get inside. That being said, it’s important to remember that entry points aren’t limited to the door that you use to walk into the garage. Ideally, you should also seal off any windows that are in the same room as the garage door and lock the main door leading into your garage. For added weather proofing, inspect your foundations, and walls for cracks and gaps. If found call a local professional to see if there are any solutions to get them sealed as well.

Remember a well-sealed garage will prevent mold and decrease your energy bill saving you money in the long term.

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